Saturday, June 19, 2010


Do people change, or is it perhaps that maybe we have changed all along?

It's an interesting thing to think about. I came across this question today as my friends and I reflected on the friends we used to have in comparison to the friends we have today. Of course, time passes by and whether or not we are at fault, friends seem to come and go. They're there when we need them, no matter how temporary their friendship may be. But the remarkable thing is, how do we justify why some slip and others don't? Different interests, different paths we choose to take. These reasons may be the ones we tell ourselves to explain these separations. And certainly the most popular one that most people, myself included, tend to revert to is simply:

They've changed.

And, to some extent, maybe this is true. Off hand, even I can think of various people who have drifted in and out of my friend circle. And, yes, I can see various ways in which they have changed: whether it be their own morals, interests, or other aspects of their life.

But maybe the root of the problem lies within our own morals, interests, and lives. It's easy to chalk something up to others, in fact it's human nature to place the blame on others when it is most convenient for ourselves. Deep down, I think it's mainly because we change as well. Example: One friend and I were inseparable for years during high school, she had certainly proved trustworthy and I considered her one of my closest friends. To this day, I've seen her maybe three times and each time we see each other, it turns into an awkward encounter, one in which we're treading in conversational waters, struggling to find things to talk about amongst each other.

Unfortunate? Yes. Necessary? Perhaps. Maybe the point of having friends that come and go is to grow with them, change accordingly, and set ourselves back on the path we choose to take in life. So maybe my friends now might not be here forever, but for the time being, they've taught me more about myself than I ever could.

Just a thought.

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