Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sandcastles in the Sand.

Do all things eventually come to an end?

Yes, and yes, it sounds depressing. And in this case, I'm not talking about life or the world, so you needn't think I'm suicidal. But at some point, no matter what it is, everything will eventually come to an end:

High school. September. The batch of cookies my roommate just made for me.

So, college. Everyone comes back on fall break and boasts to anyone who is willing to listen about how awesome college is, and how awesome their new friends are, and how awesome those parties were. But what they don't mention is those awkward first weeks when you're treading in water, trying to be yourself and social and like-able all at the same time. That's the kind of phase I'm in. But I think the reason I'm caught up in this phase is because I have yet to accept that things have come to an end, lingering in that in between atmosphere of high school and college.

It's like that great TV show you love to watch just ends. You still love reminiscing about those great moments and laughing about all those classic jokes. But once you face the fact that it's over, it seems that you and everyone around you is trying to find a new television show to fill the void, desperately watching episodes and episodes of show they've never watched before in search of a show that is just as great as their old favorite.

Maybe the lesson we need to start learning is that there won't ever be a show as good as, say, How I Met Your Mother and there won't ever be a time as good as high school. Perhaps I've set my expectations too high, trying to but knowing that I won't ever really find another Barney Stinson or Ted Mosby in a new television show or a Jess or Ryan in college.

In one aspect, I hate watching episodes of shows I'll never watch again just as much as I hate trying to make friends with people whom I know I won't ever be friends with. But the reality is, no matter what, finding that new whatever takes time. If we don't go through with the search, we won't truly appreciate our new friends or new favorite TV show when we finally have found them. I just wish I had a map, or perhaps a TV Guide magazine, to make the search a little easier.

Just a thought.

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  1. Don't discount the people you never thought you'd be friends with but that you will meet because they are running the same social circles (and class circuit) as you. I thought the same thing but two of my dearest friends came into my life by a. sitting next to me in my creative writing class and b. through a mutual friend that I kept running into at parties and out at the bar. Without those two girls (both named Amanda) my college experience wouldn't have been the same. ORRRRR Maybe the lesson here is to only seek out friends name Amanda.